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A Bra for Every Body: Discover Your Perfect Bra Size with ThirdLove’s Product Finder

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ThirdLove 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra

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ThirdLove is a size-inclusive direct-to-consumer (DTC) bra and intimates company, championing the idea that every woman deserves a perfect fit. ThirdLove has revolutionized lingerie shopping with their innovative 'Find Your Fit: Bra Quiz'. This product finder guides customers through a series of thoughtful questions about their current bras and personal preferences, enabling them to discover the ideal bra and size for unmatched comfort and confidence.

ThirdLove's navigation and product listing page

The product finder is comprised of a series of personalized questions to understand each customer's fit concerns, style preferences, and any discomfort they might be experiencing with their current bras. The product finder landing page, leads with a statistic that “80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size” to encourage customers to take the quiz and discover their real bra size.

ThirdLove's quiz landing page and initial questions

The product finder starts by asking why the customer came to the site and their current issue with the bras they own. ThirdLove then asks about where the customer typically shops.

ThirdLove's quiz experience asking about current bra size and fit

The product finder blends text answers and visuals to make the quiz experience more engaging for customers. This includes asking them how their bra currently fits including where they have pain and the tightness.

ThirdLove's quiz experience asking about current bra size and fit
ThirdLove's quiz experience asking about current bra size and fit

ThirdLove's quiz concludes asking for preferences including color and style to make sure that they pick the perfect product within their size.

ThirdLove's style preferences quiz questions.

Once a customer submits their results, their recommended products and bra size are emailed to them. They are also directed to a ‘Your Fitting Room’ page, featuring their recommended bra size and a discount code. 

From seamless t-shirt bras to lacy push-ups, each recommendation is tailored to the customer's body shape, size, and style preferences. This approach ensures that women not only find their perfect fit but also discover bras that align with their taste.

ThirdLove's quiz results page.

At the bottom of the results landing page, a product detail page hero module is featured, which includes sizes, colors, product details, materials, and customer reviews. Adding this module to the results page streamlines the shopping experience, allowing a customer to add the item directly to their cart.

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