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A Green Thumbs Up: The Sill’s Website Is the Complete Guide to All Your Houseplant Questions

What We Bought

Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Grow Pot)

Date Purchased:
April 1, 2023
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The Sill provides customers an approachable way to purchase and educate themselves about houseplants. The brand was founded by Eliza Blank, who saw her mother use gardening as a way to connect back to her Filipino roots.

Letter from Eliza Blank, founder of The Sill

The Sill uses their homepage to highlight free shipping, holiday promotions, and subscriptions. Customer testimonials are featured after the hero of the homepage to immediately build credibility with prospective customers. Featured collections speak to the variety of customers that The Sill appeals to – anyone from new plant owners and pet owners to customers looking for flowering plants.

The Sill's homepage

In the buy box of the product detail page, customers can choose what kind of planter they want to pair with their plant. To increase a customer’s average order value (AOV), The Sill advertises guaranteed customer satisfaction for 30 days and upsells products that pair well with the selected plant.

Product detail page for Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The product detail accordion provides a Care Guide for the plant that includes the plant’s origin, how much water and light needed, and “sad plant signs” so customers know how to care for their plant. At the bottom of the page, there is an excerpt from a relevant blog article to further educate the customer and prompt them to dive deeper into their plant education.

Care Guide section in the product detail accordion

To provide a consistent way for customers to access help whenever they need, the Resources tab is sticky at the top of the site so it is always in view no matter where customers are on the site.

Resources are divided into two sections - Plant Care Resources and Customer Service Help. Plant Care Resources has various touchpoints for questions related to plants: store locator, a “Find Your Match” quiz, a plant care library, and the blog. Customer Service Help provides resources for logistics like Shipping & Handling and other FAQs.

Resources tab for all plant care and customer service help

The “Find Your Match” plant quiz asks the customer questions about their intentions, their current relationship with plants and lighting situation to recommend a plant that suits their lifestyle.

"Find Your Match" plant quiz flow

The blog landing page hosts articles that empower customers on their plant care journey. Categories include Plants 101, Common Care Questions and Design Tips. Articles range from the fundamentals of taking care of plants (“How Often & How Much You Should Water Houseplants”) to more novel topics where customers can learn something new (“What is Biophilic Design?”). The page ends with Plant Care Guides and sections to shop or learn more about the brand.

Blog landing page

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Thumbnail image courtesy of The Sill