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A Size for Everyone: How Lo & Sons is Combining Lifestyle and Product Imagery to Find the Perfect Fit

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The Catalina Deluxe

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Conveying sizing has proved to be challenging in the ecommerce world. Dimensions and details help, but customers are often left wondering how a product’s size compares to something they’re able to recognize. 

For some, the uncertainty of which product is right for them deters them from purchasing all together. Lo & Sons, a luxury travel bag company, is doing everything to make sure that doesn't happen. 

With multiple size variations of the same product, Lo & Sons takes the guesswork out of their online shopping experience by serving up direct comparisons. Their Catalina Collection Comparison Guide offers up a comprehensive comparison of each product in the collection. 

General size overview page

The guide starts off with a general overview of collection, detailing use cases through trip duration, and carry-on status. The honest descriptions share use cases that everyone will understand. 

Whether you're a travel connoisseur, or just someone looking for a daily tote, they make sure to compare the size to familiar situations everyone will understand. 

The Catalina Comparison guide sections

As the customer scrolls, they can see more about the dimensions and weights. Lo & Sons also compares the fit and scale on different body types to help visualize the size differences. 

Real life size comparison UGC

‍This allows the customer to get a good understanding of the specs and get a visual of which product might be best for them. 

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