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Aesop Guides Customers To Picking The Perfect Gift With Their Gift Finder Quiz

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Bathroom Essentials Bundle

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March 3, 2024
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  • For luxury products or products that are highly gifted, consider offering customers a quiz to help them narrow their choices and select an appropriate gift.
  • Asking tailored questions in your quiz can promote a senes of interaction & involvement with your customer and lead to a customer's confidence in their purchase.

Aesop is a luxury skincare brand that focuses on unique scents, effective products, and environmental consciousness. As a brand that pairs lifestyle and functionality, Aesop’s gift finder quiz asks thoughtful questions to lead customers to the perfect product, either for themselves or as a gift.

Caption - Expanded Navigation

Gifts are featured as one of the primary categories to shop in the main navigation, as their high-priced products are often gifted. Within the expanded Gift navigation, customers can start shopping gift categories or narrow their search with Aesop’s Gift Finder.

Aesop’s Gift Finder quiz flow

The quiz starts off with a quote that connects gift-giving with Aesop’s philosophy of well-being and care that is reflected in the quality of their products. Aesop asks three questions about the purpose, recipient and budget of the gift. The questions are thoughtful and conversational, a tone that is reflective of their approach to customer service. Hand-drawn illustrations throughout the quiz depict a music staff with products as music notes. These give a sense of the human touch and represent the sensory journey of product discovery that goes into selecting the perfect gift.

Aesop’s Gift Finder results page

On the Results Page, customers are shown a curated selection of gifts based on their answers. Customers can choose from the gifts shown or start the quiz again. At the end of the page, customers can browse other gift categories such as Favoured Formulations, which highlights best sellers, or Gifts for Travel.

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Photo Courtesy of Aesop