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Away Travel Elevates Customer Experience with Enhanced Post-Purchase Product Education and Support

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  • Use a QR code in the unboxing experience that directs users to the website for post-purchase information
  • Specifically for technology products, create a resource on your website showing customers how to use the product
  • Make the original educational guides accessible for customers who have older versions of the product

Away, the lifestyle and travel brand known for its stylish and durable suitcases, enhances the customer experience with a comprehensive post-purchase education and help center.

Away Travel's Unboxing Experience

After the customer receives their package, there is a printed QR code directly on the inner flap of the box that takes the customer to the product education help center. The help center contains detailed product care instructions, tips for optimal use, warranty information, and practical travel advice. Customers can read an array of articles and frequently asked questions that address common concerns and inquiries.

Away Travel's Care Guide

There are dedicated product categories in the help center help customers understand and maximize the potential of their suitcase. One of the most helpful features of Away's post-purchase support is their interactive tutorials and product guides. These tutorials include videos and detailed diagrams about how to clean the suitcase, set the lock, and what compartments are on the inside of the suitcase.

Classic Suitcase Care Guide
Classic Suitcase Care Guide

Despite the robust online resources, Away understands that some customers prefer to speak directly to their customer service team. They feature their customer service team's contact information via phone, email, or in-person at one of Away's retail locations. They connect customers with the closest store near them with a link to their Store Locator page.

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