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Beast’s Seamless Transition from Packaging to Product

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Beast Blender Plus

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The Beast Blender has quickly become a must-have product for those seeking a simpler way to eat healthy. The brand offers a streamlined unboxing process which includes a thoughtful presentation, guided imagery, neatly packed compartments, and overall minimal aesthetic. The unwrapping process reflects the simplicity and informative nature of the brand.

The outside packaging shows detailed images of each product component

Before opening begins, the first thing to notice is the pictorial representation on the sides of the box. The company has opted to include pictures detailing each component inside and their respective uses. This approach ensures that users are given a heads-up about what each part is intended for.

Each box shows a picture of what's inside

Upon opening, customers are encouraged to engage with the Beast community right away, sharing their #stronginside hashtag and inviting to join the brand’s social channels.  In the box, each piece of the Beast Blender has its own sturdy compartment. There's no clutter of excessive plastic or packing material. 

Each product component is securely packed and customers are invited to join the Beast community

Guide books are included with helpful information on each blending vessel. 

Two guidebooks are included sharing how to use the different product components

The overall design of the box is consistent to the Beast’s clean and simple aesthetic and makes for an efficient and easy-to-grasp introduction to its product.

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Photo courtesy of Beast