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Blueland Practices What They Preach Through Their Sustainable Packaging

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Blueland: The Clean Up Kit

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Blueland, an eco-conscious DTC ecommerce cleaning company, practices what they preach with their sustainable packaging and thoughtful product design. 

Their packaging packs a punch, highlighting the company’s impact before customers even open the box with their tagline on the cover “The future of clean has arrived.”

Image of Blueland’s unboxing experience

When customers open the Clean Essentials Kit, the eco-conscious messaging is continued with their interior label: “refill is the new recycle.”

Image from Blueland.com of the three Tritan BPA-free plastic spray bottles 

The kit includes three Tritan (BPA-free plastic) spray bottles, along with tablets to mix with water to create a multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and glass and mirror cleaner.

Image from Blueland.com

Their refill packets come in recycled pouches and eliminate the need for liquid in the bottles when they arrive. All a user has to do is drop the tablet into the bottle with water and shake and the solution dissolves in under a minute. 

Blueland hopes to reduce the overall plastics in the environment, specifically reducing micro-plastics in the water supplies by encouraging users to save the bottles and reorder refills instead. 

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Blueland.com