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Boy Smells Creates Surprise and Delight for Customers in Their Inbox

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Boy Smells Amber Embers Bundle

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15% Welcome Discount

Boy Smells, a gender-fluid fragrance company based in LA, uses their email marketing to dive deeper into the Boy Smells' product experience and educate customers on their cult-favorite products.

Boy Smells' welcome email

Upon signing up for the email newsletters, subscribers receive a welcome email that includes branded imagery, Boy Smells’ bestsellers, and a 15% off promo code for their first order. 

Boy Smells’ emails are known for showcasing their products in a creative and engaging way by using large text, strong call-to-actions, animations, and vibrant imagery. A combination of these brings their emails to life which encourages users to click through to their website. 

Scent notes and reviews

They provide easy-to-understand copy that breaks down the scent profiles of both their candles and fragrances. They break their scent profiles down into three main categories - top, heart, and base notes. This helps educate the customer on what the product will smell like. Boy Smells includes testimonials in their emails to provide additional support from their community. 

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