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Brightening Up Your Inbox: Blueland’s Effective Email Marketing

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Blueland: The Clean Up Kit

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Welcome 10% Discount

Blueland, a zero-waste sustainable cleaning company, brings their branding to life through their automated and marketing emails. The company, known for bright colors in their packaging, translates their signature aesthetic to their emails through a thoughtful use of gradients, curated product photography, and approachable messaging.

Blueland’s welcome email tells the founder’s story

They use their automated welcome email series to tell their founding story, showcase the value props, and talk about how their kits work. Blueland offers a 10% coupon as an incentive for signing up for emails and discusses how their refill packages save customers even more money. 

Their marketing emails highlight their products and their benefits

Blueland breaks down the current state of cleaning products, emphasizing how the cleaning industry negatively impacts the environment. Then illustrate how their approach is to save the earth through sustainable, clean cleaning supplies.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Blueland.com