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Build Your Personal Care Routine With Cadence’s Bundle Builder

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Cadence Build Your 6 Bundle

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Cadence makes refillable, customizable, and magnetic containers from recycled plastic to keep personal care and wellness products organized in a travel-friendly size. They offer their containers, or capsules, in bundles to encourage their customers to buy in bulk. 

On the Build Your 6 product detail page, customers can choose different colors and “tiles” to label their Cadence capsules. This gives customers a reminder of what is in each capsule through words and icons to represent face, hair, body, shaving, and wellness. After the color and label are selected, the product images above the dropdown options update to reflect the selection.

Cadence’s bundle builder on the product detail page

Cadence also provides continuous education throughout the site for customers to easily learn about how their product works. Below the product hero, customers can use the Capacity Calculator to see how much product, like liquid and dry pills, the capsules can hold. 

Cadence’s Capacity Calculator

When all selections of the bundle are complete, the add to cart button becomes active and customers can add their bundle to their cart. 

In the mini cart, a shipping progress bar appears at the top of the modal to indicate when a customer has hit free shipping. A message at the bottom of the mini cart outlines how much plastic the customer can save by purchasing Cadence’s capsules.

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