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Building Better Health: Lemme's 'Build Your Own' Bundling Page Gives Customers the Ultimate Personalization

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Lemme Glow Gummies

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Subscribe and Save 10%, Bundle and Save $10

Founded by celebrity wellness advocate and Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian, Lemme has excelled at customer customization, increasing AOV through build-your-own (BYO) bundles and pre-made bundles. 

Lemme's Bundle landing page

Lemme’s build-you-own-bundle program provides maximum customization to customers who want to personalize their wellness regimen by selecting the specific gummy supplements that align with their individual wellness needs. The bundles come at a discounted price compared to purchasing individual products separately ($10 one-time savings, $15 subscription savings), making wellness more accessible and encouraging customers to bundle and save.

Bundle's BYOB landing page add to cart slide up and mini cart

The bundle landing page has a persistent summary bar at the bottom that shows customers when they have added their three products in the bundle. When a customer selects ‘add’ on the product card, the buttonturns into a quantity selector so the customer can easily add more than one of that product.

Lemme's premade bundles

To make the shopping experience simpler and more effective, Lemme offers a selection of pre-made bundles on a dedicated landing page. Pre-made bundles simplify the decision-making process for those who may be overwhelmed by the range of available products.

Lemme's BYO bundle feature on their Instagram

To generate hype for their Build Your Own Bundle page launch, Lemme highlights this on both their Instagram feed and in their Instagram stories to reach customers where they are.

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