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Buying Toilet Paper Has Never Been Easier with Who Gives A Crap

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Who Gives A Crap Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

24 Rolls
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Who Gives A Crap, an eco-friendly bathroom brand, makes subscriptions easy for their customers through their website and account dashboard. The company creates a seamless subscription experience starting on their product page through the cart and checkout.

Who Gives A Crap product page and cart

On the product detail page, subscription is incentivized through a 10$ off first order discount with a promo code included right below the subscription selection. Customers can select their subscription frequency depending on how often they would like to receive the toilet paper. 

Who Gives A Crap, fittingly named, reinforces their commitment to sustainability and the earth through a call out about carbon-neutral free shipping under the 'Add to Cart' button.

In the mini cart, customers can also adjust their subscription frequency before checking out. Who Gives A Crap indicates what frequency they suggest based on how many people live in the customer's house (ex. 2 months - 1-2 people). Who Gives A Crap makes it easy for customers to use the $10 off discount by surfacing it again in the mini cart. They include a ‘copy’ button so customers can have it in their clipboard when they need to enter it during the checkout process.

Who Gives A Crap account dashboard and navigation

Once a customer has subscribed, they are prompted to sign up for an account and are immediately logged in once checking out. The website navigation changes when a customer is signed into their account, surfacing order, subscription, referral, and account settings in addition to the company’s default navigation.

Who Gives A Crap dashboard and manage subscription experience

Subscriptions are easy to pause, edit, swap, and cancel from the dashboard. Who Gives A Crap offers multiple cross-sells in the dashboard cart such as the ‘Dream Cloths’, which is the brand’s eco-conscious substitute for paper towels. 

The company allows customers to swap similar products in their existing subscription order through the swap/edit screen in their subscription dashboard.

Who Gives A Crap subscription referral code

For additional discounts, Who Gives A Crap encourages customers to refer a friend in their dashboard with a space to enter their referral code.

Who Gives A Crap FAQ page

To encourage customers to sign up for subscription, there is a FAQ article dedicated to subscriptions in their help center with information about how it works and a screenshot of how to sign up.

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