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Buying Treats Has Never Been Easier: Milk Bar’s Secret To Increasing Customer Confidence

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Milk Bar, a chain of dessert and bakery restaurants that now sells their tasty treats online, guides customers through the delivery process on their website. 

Milk Bar's delivery instructions on their website

Milk Bar’s products are often milk-based and refrigerated as a result, requiring special delivery and care. They infuse education about their delivery process across the site including the homepage and product detail page, so customers are never left confused when ordering. 

Delivery 101 page with details about how to receive your treats

Milk Bar answers all of their customer’s delivery questions on their Delivery 101 page. They include information about how their flash-freezing process works, the refrigerated packaging, and what to do when your package is delivered. They highlight a curated set of common delivery FAQs such as “How do I store my items and what's the shelf life?”.

Milk Bar's 'How To Store Your Treats' printed piece that comes in your box

When you receive your package Milk Bar provides a branded printed card with additional how to information about how to store their desserts. In case customers still have questions, Milk Bar provides their customer service phone number and email so customers can quickly reach out.

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