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BYLT: Bundling Basics Made Easy

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Drop-Cut Shirt - Custom 3 Pack

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BYLT Basics, a clothing brand company specializing in premium basics, focuses on seamless product bundling.

Bundling is highlighted throughout the website, including the promo banner, a designated collection page, and a bundling option on individual product pages. 

While the discount amount can vary per product, users can expect anywhere from 5% to 20% off the product when choosing to bundle, which is another incentive to choose the bundle option. 

The product images show the number of products in each bundle, which makes it easier to know what the bundle includes. 

BYLT’s Bundle Collection & PDP

When configuring a bundle, users walk through a step-by-step process, which lists out the options for each product, including size and color. When users select each color variant, the product images update to display the selected color.

Bundling Product Detail Page - Desktop

Users are guided to choose bundling through different features on the site, like the navigation, global banner, and sales. Product pages provide a clear process on how to configure your bundle, and the checkout displays products in the bundle clearly.

Bundle Products in Checkout

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Photo courtesy of byltbasics.com