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Calpak Uses Social Media to Help You Travel in Style

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Haven Laptop Tote Bag

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Calpak is a popular luggage and travel accessories brand that uses Instagram as a powerful tool to educate consumers about the advantages and multi-purpose ways to organize your items for traveling.

Calpak Sustainability Initiative + Educational Content

Calpak regularly posts content to announce the release of their newest drops and specify its ergonomic features. Their Instagram highlights serves as a library for educational content and fun Q&A’s where followers can learn more about their sustainable practices.

The Terra collection story spotlights their travel accessories made from recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial recycled nylon. The collection also includes eco-friendly packing cubes made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

“Pak with the Calpak Team” demonstrates how the team uses their multi-purpose travel accessories

From hiking to organizing your workspace, their “Pak with the CalPak Team” story showcases their products in various settings by Calpak experts. By providing valuable insights, Calpak is able to position itself as a credible leader in the travel space through its tips.

IG Reels of User generated content (UGC)

User generated content is a valuable asset for Calpak’s Instagram page as it helps to build a loyal community of customers who are proud to represent and endorse the brand. Their Instagram Reels helps consumers understand how their products can upgrade the travel experience to be more comfortable and convenient. 

To keep checkout top of mind, a sticky “Add to Cart” button is linked to the Reels, which directs viewers to their product selection page.

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