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Captivating Crowds with Melin’s Social Media Success

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Melin Trenches Icon Scout Thermal

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Melin stands as a high-end headwear brand, dedicated to superior quality, distinctive designs, and reviving the prominence of luxury hats. Their creations draw inspiration from the age-old art of millinery, a tradition of custom hat-making that has its roots in the 16th century. Melin has created an audience with the use of engaging and well produced social media content.

Melin social images showing working out and water performance

Melin weaves customer storytelling and use cases across their Instagram. To show the high-quality and performance materials, they feature athletes working out and wearing the hat when they leave the gym. They also spotlight their surf customers to highlight the water-proof materials and how the hat will float in water.

Melin social showing the hat being used in physical activity

The premium headwear has two unique factors that aren’t often seen in traditional headwear. The first being that the hat will float in water, the brim will always keep it afloat. The second being that it is sweat proof and can easily be washed. 

Melin social showing different uses combined into one

By showing these extreme use cases for how their hat can be useful to the everyday customer, while also empowering the sense of “cool” into the brand, their social media is home to an intricate strategy to show why they fit into the premium section of headwear. 

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of melin.com