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Comfort Delivered Straight to Your Inbox: Parachute Home’s Email Marketing

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Parachute Home Percale Duvet Cover Set

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Parachute Home is a home & lifestyle company that provides comfortable essentials that make customers feel at home.

Welcome Email

Parachute Home translates the same look and feel from their website to their email through their neutral color palette, lifestyle imagery, and close-ups to highlight their product’s quality. Their welcome email briefly introduces the brand and the essential product categories a customer can browse. 

Customers spend time educating themselves on premium home products before buying because they are an investment. Parachute sends emails that spotlight a product or even a material type. Customers can learn more about how a material may feel, what it is made of, and the products within this spotlight material.

Material Spotlight Email

Parachute Home emails customers when a new color is available. Usually, the color is released in all products ranging from bedding to bath. They link their customers to individual products and a full collection of products in the color.

New Color Release Email

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