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Creating a Luxurious Email Experience with Burberry

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My Burberry Blush Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Known for their iconic check print, luxury brand Burberry uses email to quickly onboard prospective customers and highlight the newest products they have to offer. 

Ecommerce brands traditionally use a multi-step email Welcome Series to onboard new subscribers, tell the brand story, and highlight popular products. Burberry keeps their email Welcome Series short — only one email — but it’s effective at educating the consumer about the brand and how to engage with them. 

Burberry highlights their digital app, as well as prominently features their customer service care and store locations in their singular-email Welcome Series. 

Burberry’s Welcome email, highlighting the multiple components of how to interact and view their products (runway, social, Burberry World), as well as the care and customer services options that are available.

Once a customer is introduced to the brand, Burberry builds excitement around their new collections and products to drive sales through their email newsletter. 

Highlighted emails from Burberry show the “New In” features they send to engaged customers.

Leveraging the same template for most of their “New In” newsletters, Burberry gives new collections and products the opportunity to shine with minimal copy and big product features.

Examples of the “New In” newsletters featuring new collections and products.

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