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Delivering a Luxury Unboxing Experience with Burberry

What We Bought

My Burberry Blush Eau de Parfum 50ml

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As a name brand in fashion and accessories, Burberry ensures a luxury experience from ordering online to unboxing your delivery. 

Burberry’s products are expensive and high-quality, and the unboxing experience feels that way as well. The packaging is understated and subtle, but feels thick and sturdy. Bows around the package itself and the product inside make the unboxing feel a little extra special. 

The packaging that our Burberry shipment included.

We also opted to write a gift note at checkout, which was included in a small envelope made of thick card stock inside the box. 

Overall, the Burberry unboxing experience is simple and tasteful. The packaging is elevated and made from quality materials, so it contributes to the continuation of the luxury experience and enjoying the actual product ordered.

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