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Discover Your Dream Rug with Ruggable's Ultimate Rug Quiz

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Architectural Digest Nisa Ink Black Rug

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Choosing the perfect rug may be intimidating, but Ruggable, an online machine-washable rug company, makes it easy with their product finder quiz. This quiz is designed to help customers find the perfect rug that matches their aesthetic and lifestyle.

Ruggable's Quiz and Color Guide

Ruggable starts their quiz by asking what rug shape the customer is interested in, based on the layout of their room. Illustrations help clarify the look of the rug shape and what may be in a room with that rug size.

Ruggable then asks about the customer’s preferred colors. These answers are strategically designed as a multi-select so customers can choose as many colors as they like. Rather than using a solid color swatch, Ruggable displays images of their rugs that primarily feature that color-theme to show the color directly on a rug. 

For customers who need additional support, there is a pop-up from the color question that shows a ‘Color Guide’ with more information about what each color palette looks and feels like. For example, Black and White is tagged as Bold, Modern, and Sophisticated, and is best for making a dramatic statement.

Style and feel questions in the Ruggable Product Finder

To further drill down into the customer’s aesthetic, Ruggable asks about their style preferences to ensure the rug fits in perfectly with their interior design vision.

Lastly, they ask the customers how they want the rug to feel, which informs the thickness of the rug they suggest.

Ruggable's Quiz results page and save for later feature

Ruggable's quiz results page provides tailored rug recommendations based on their selections. Customers can ‘save their results’ by signing up for email which sends them a direct link to the results page. This makes it easy to go back and reference it when they are ready to purchase.

Additional modules on Ruggable's quiz results page

At the bottom of the quiz results page, Ruggable reinforces their value props, showcases other rugs the customer may be interested in, and offers additional rug resources such as information about their popular rug types.

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