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Drizzle & Sizzle with Graza’s Product Bundle

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Graza Drizzle & Sizzle

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Graza is high-quality olive oll made with 100% Picual olives from Jaen, Spain, dubbed the "world capital of olive oil. They encourage customers to bundle and save, increasing their average order value through their Drizzle & Sizzle bundle.

Graza’s bundle product detail page

Graza only sells two products, Drizzle and Sizzle, which are olive oils to cook with and drizzle on top of food. They offer their products individually but also offer a bundle where customers can buy the products together and save money for doing so.

Graza’s custom illustrations featured on their website.

On the product detail page, they encourage customers to buy multiple bundles with a discount that increases as you add more bundles (free shipping for 2 sets, free shipping + 5% for 3 sets, Free shipping + 10% for 6 sets). Customers receive an even higher discount if they subscribe to Graza.

Graza’s product detail page product comparison

Below the hero on the product detail page, there is a large comparison chart between the Drizzle and Sizzle products. This calls out what month the oil was harvested, how many olives were used, how much you should use, and the difference in taste. Unique illustrations are paired with each comparison to tell more about that product value prop. 

Graza’s Drizzle and Sizzle comparison slider

There is a comparison slider with recipe inspiration for Drizzle and Sizzle, with Drizzle featuring more baking inspiration and Sizzle featuring cooking inspiration. 

Graza’s company comparison on their PDP

Graza’s product page also features fun facts about olive trees to educate customers such as "Pictual trees, which make the olives, can be over a thousand years old and are called Grandfathers in the gardening space". 

They also use the product page as a one-stop-shop where customers can compare Graza to ‘Cheap Olive Oil’ to clearly see the benefits of buying a higher-quality product.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Graza's Instagram