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Effortless Elegance: Elisa Johnson’s Guide to Luxurious Sunglasses Shopping

What We Bought

Elisa Johnson Sunglasses, Jane in Gloss Black

Date Purchased:
March 13th, 2024
Coupons Used:
10% Mobile Discount


  • For a luxury buying experience, keep shopping categories simple and categorized by collection while highlighting the star products.
  • Create a seamless pre-ordering checkout flow with follow-up notifications to keep the buyer in the loop on when their purchase will arrive.

Elisa Johnson, a renowned eyewear brand created by its namesake, daughter of basketball legend Magic Johnson, has quickly gathered a cult following for its affordable, designer-quality sunglasses. 

The brand’s minimal aesthetic is translated across the website through their streamlined product discovery, simple product categorization, and efficient pre-order options.

Homepage featuring best sellers, new arrivals, and unisex styles

Upon entering the site, shoppers are incentivized to share their email with the brand to receive 10% off their first order. The product-focused homepage, highlights their latest collections, best sellers, and most popular unisex styles.

Side navigation categorizes the products by collection

The expanded navigation menu shows additional shopping categories separated by the product styles, and collection names chosen after the founder’s favorite people.

Option to pre-order out-of-stock items and order confirmation email

Knowing that the best sellers go out of stock quickly, buyers can select the pre-order option within the Product Detail Page so they don’t miss out on new order restocks. The subsequent checkout process is the same as if purchasing an in-stock item. Immediately following the pre-order purchase, an email confirmation is sent reassuring the buyer they’ll be notified once the item has shipped. 

A 10% discount is also offered with the pre-order purchase as an incentive to buy now instead of waiting for the item to come back in stock.  

Photo Credit:

Photo courtesy of Elisa Johnson