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Elevate Your Routine: Aesop's Signature Pre-Curated Bundles

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Aesop Bathroom Essentials Bundle

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  • Use pre-curated bundles to provide a more focused shopping experience for customers by bundling related products.
  • Utilize storytelling across the website to demonstrate your brand's expertise and incentivize customers to purchase products together to boost AOV.

Aesop is a luxury skincare brand that focuses on unique scents, effective products, and environmental consciousness, and offers an extensive product line that ranges from personal fragrances to haircare. Their pre-curated bundles pair complementary products that help customers build daily rituals & routines while boosting average order value (AOV).

Body & Hand Bundles featured throughout the website

With their pre-curated Body & Hand Bundles, Aesop leans on their expertise as leaders in the luxury skincare industry to guide customers to discover products that work well together, either through functionality or aromatic experience. This works as a way for customers to find related products to ones in which they may already be interested, build a routine and ultimately purchase the products together and increase AOV.

Bundle Product Listing Page & Filters

On the Body & Hand Bundles listing page, Aesop brings in storytelling through descriptions that highlight the benefits of each bundle. Customers can browse the variety of curated bundles to find one that suits their needs, and can further tailor their options through filtering by aroma preferences and product formulation.

Bundle Product Detail Page

After selecting a bundle to explore, customers are taken to the Bundle Product Description Page, which shows the bundle price and the breakdown of the different products within the bundle. Customers can choose to buy the full bundle or remove individual products. The product descriptions highlight the function & key ingredients of each product, followed by a How To Use section that informs customers how to use each product.

When added to cart, the bundle is added as individual products which customers can add or remove easily before continuing to checkout.

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Photo courtesy of Aesop