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Enhancing the Customer Experience: Warby Parker's Effective Order Tracking Page

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Warby Parker Wilkie Sandalwood Matte Glasses

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Warby Parker, a leading eyewear brand, not only offers stylish and affordable glasses but also excels in providing an exceptional customer experience. One key touch-point of their customer journey is their transparent order tracking page. Warby Parker ensures that customers stay informed, engaged, and satisfied throughout the entire order fulfillment process.

Warby's Parker's tracking page

Warby Parker's order tracking page offers real-time updates on the status of customers' orders. From the moment an order is placed until it reaches the customer's doorstep, the website updates to provide detailed information about the progress of each stage. The order tracking page updates three distinct moments when the order is received when the order is prepared, when it ships, and when it’s delivered. 

Warby Parker's Shipping progress details

The order tracking page offers a dedicated gifting option, allowing customers to send the order tracking page to their giftee. By simply entering the recipient's phone number or email, customers can seamlessly send the tracking page that they see to friends or family members. 

Warby Parker's tracking page's insurance and upsell modules

Customers can also opt to receive SMS updates from the tracking page to receive the status right on their phone. 

Warby Parker's feedback module on their custom tracking page

Their order tracking page goes beyond providing tracking updates by also offering information about eyewear insurance and how to submit the purchase to insurance for reimbursement. Customers can easily access details about coverage options, including warranty, accidental damage protection, and replacement policies. 

While the order tracking page primarily serves to keep customers informed, Warby Parker also leverages this touchpoint for upselling by adding in products and collections to the modules on the bottom of the page. 

The order tracking page includes an inviting call-to-action encouraging customers to visit one of their retail stores. This reinforces their emphasis on customer service so that customers can bring their glasses in to get better fitted to their face in case they do not perfectly fit.

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