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Everlane Makes Positive Environmental Impact Through Transparency

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Everlane: The Track Half-Zip

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Everlane designs high-quality, ethically sourced clothes that are made to last. They are dedicated to reducing waste, chemicals, and plastics in the fashion industry by being transparent on how their clothes are produced and how their company continues to be sustainable.

The homepage promotes both product discovery and educates customers on their sustainability manufacturing practices. Their header merchandises their holiday collection and below that, they advertise that gifting Everlane products is better in quality, material, and for the planet. 

Everlane’s homepage

Everlane’s mission to deliver sustainable, ethical, high-quality clothes is told through the subpages under their About page. They share detailed information about factory partnerships, their environmental commitments, and their latest Impact Report, where they share the ethical progress they’ve made. 

Everlane’s About in navigation; Factories page; 2021 Impact Report;

On their Clean Fashion page, they share the 10 ways in which their clothes are sustainable. Each value prop has its own collection page and are represented on product cards throughout product listing pages and product detail pages.

Everlane’s Cleaner Fashion icons used across collection pages and product pages. 

Everlane’s known for their radical transparency, sharing the true costs behind all of their products from material, to labor, to transportation. These costs are shown on every product page to ensure that their products are reasonably priced with those factors in mind.

Transparent Pricing section of their product page.

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