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Fashioning a Greener Future: Marine Layer's Commitment to Sustainability

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Marine Layer Birdseye Bomber in Black/White Contrast

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Marine Layer, a California-based fashion company, was founded with a clear mission to craft responsibly-made, ultra-soft t-shirts using their unique fabrics. Sustainability is a core part of the brand, which is evident through their B-Corp status and Re-Spun recycling program. 

The company’s Certified B-Corp status is a distinction that can only be claimed by less than 0.1% of U.S. apparel brands. Marine Layer’s B-Corp Landing Page serves to educate customers on the relevance of being a B-Corp. This designation signifies their commitment to the highest ethical standards, spanning their impact on the community, treatment of employees, and dedication to the planet.

Marine Layer’s B-Corp Landing Page

Marine Layer's sustainable efforts also extend to their Re-Spun t-shirt recycling program. Since its inception in 2018, this initiative has made a substantial environmental impact by recycling old t-shirts and has conserved billions of gallons of water since it began. Customers can participate by dropping off their old t-shirts at Marine Layer's store locations or by requesting a prepaid recycling kit through a form on the Re-Spun Landing Page. Customers receive a $5 Marine Layer store credit for every shirt donated. 

Marine Layer’s Re-Spun Landing Page

The company publishes an annual Impact Report that highlights Marine Layer’s progress towards their overall mission of maintaining a successful and responsible operation. This report offers transparency into their ongoing sustainable and community-driven journey and highlights the materials used in their product creation, contributions to charitable organizations that support their mission, and their community partnerships.

Marine Layer’s 2022 Impact Report, highlighting their sustainability mission

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