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Frankie Collective’s SMS Makes Sure You Never Miss a New Drop

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Frankie Collective Rework Buffalo Bills NFL Corset

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Frankie Collective, an apparel brand focused on upcycling clothing pieces, uses their SMS marketing to keep the brand in customers’ minds when it comes to new drops, promotions, and abandoned carts.

Frankie Collective's welcome text

After signing up, Frankie Collective encourages customers to save their contact information to their phone, making the communication feel more personal. They also receive a 15% welcome discount for their first order.

Frankie Collective's promotional & abandoned cart texts

Frankie Collective routinely share updates on new releases and sales through text, typically paired with special discount offers and a direct link to their website. Since many of their collections are reworked sports jerseys and apparel, Frankie Collective will correspond discount offers and drops with sporting events, such as a discount on NFL items on SuperBowl Sunday or basketball products in time for March Madness.

If customers leave something in their cart, Frankie Collective checks in with a text to remind them of their item and includes a link to their cart.

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