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From Box to Brim: The Melin Experience of Premium Headwear

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Melin Trenches Icon Scout Thermal

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Melin is a premium headwear company focused on quality, unique styles, and bringing premium headwear back to the limelight. Their products are inspired by the art of millinery; the craft of bespoke hat making which dates back to the 16th century. 

All Melin products are shipped in a branded package, made from recycled cardboard which is sourced locally. Melin’s branding is prominently displayed on each side of the box. Their tagline, “have more fun”, runs along the tape on the outside of the package. On the back of the box, the phrase “please give this box a new life” is stamped, encouraging customers to recycle the box. 

Melin hat in branded box

Each hat comes wrapped in a protective recycled plastic cover to ensure it keeps the same quality it left the factory with. 

Each box is accompanied by a two-sided Melin branded card which features key company information. This includes a note from the founders, the company mission, product warranty, care information, referral program, and the return and exchange policy. 

Customer care card for each Melin hat

By connecting the brand's mission to each purchase, as well as seeing the care taken for each product, the customer can learn more about why the hats are so premium. 

Melin Trenches Thermal hat

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of melin.com