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From Fashion to Fitness: How Alo's App Trial Fuels Repeat Purchases

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Alo High Waist Pursuit Trouser

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Alo, founded in 2007, is a DTC company known for high-quality athleisure that blends fashion and function. The brand's commitment to sustainability, style, and performance has made it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike. However, it's Alo's forward-thinking approach to customer engagement through their Alo Moves app and free 30-day trial for new customers that sets it apart in the competitive athleisure market.

First time Alo customers receive a free 30-day trial subscription to the Alo Moves app in their cart after the first product is added. After the subscription is activated and the app is downloaded, customers gain access to exclusive fitness routines, mindfulness exercises, and other expert-led classes. 

ALO receipt and cart

After logging in to the app for the first time, customers are asked to complete a short quiz to personalize the classes displayed to them when they first login on the home screen.

ALO Moves app quiz

The Alo Moves Classes section within the app features core categories around yoga, mindfulness, fitness and other practices where users can explore new opportunities to achieve their personal goals and spend more time with Alo instructors. 

ALO Moves Class pages

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