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From Inbox to Health Consciousness: Unpacking Beast Blender's Email Strategy

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Beast Blender Plus

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10% off Summer Flash Sale

Beast, founded by NutriBullet creator Colin Sapire, has stirred up a new wellness craze through their instantly popular Beast Blender. Through their email campaigns, Beast fosters strong community engagement by informing their readers on product knowledge and collaborations, and hosting brand giveaways. 

Beast’s welcome email includes a 10% discount code and helpful info about the blender

Upon subscribing to Beast’s newsletter, followers receive a welcome email and a 10% discount as a thank you for joining the Beast family. The brand onboards new subscribers by introducing them to the world of healthy eating with their blender.

Emails share recipes and announce giveaways with partnering wellness brands

 Beast keeps their community engaged through brand giveaways, partnering with other favorite wellness brands and allowing followers the chance to win gifts simply by signing up for the brands’ newsletters. 

Beast informs subscribers about product usage and new product collabs

 Beast ensures its community is always in the loop, sending product updates that highlight enhanced features, blending techniques, and new color ways.

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