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Functional Design: BAGGU’s Website is as Practical as Their Bags

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BAGGU Puffy Mini Tote

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BAGGU produces simple, durable, stylish, and eco-friendly bags for everyday use. They prioritize functionality and sustainability without compromising unique designs.

BAGGU highlights New Arrivals and Best Sellers on their navigation, for customers to easily browse the newest or most popular items. Clicking on their product categories causes them to expand to display various subcategories, allowing customers to easily navigate and browse through BAGGU's wide range of products.

BAGGU's Navigation

Their product detail page lays out every component of their product through a clean and organized tab system, from product details to checking shipping & return policies. A dedicated sustainability product detail tab outlines the material used for the product, as well as how the material was made and sourced. 

Select product detail pages also include a section of “BAGGU In Use,” showcasing photos from BAGGU's community and how they’re using their purchase.

BAGGU's Product Detail Page

BAGGU's Sustainability page provides an in-depth explanation of how they’ve incorporated being environmentally friendly into every step of their production process. There’s full transparency of the materials used in their products and their shipping process. 

BAGGU also offers bag recycling and any worn out bags can be shipped to or dropped off at their store location to be repurposed or donated.

BAGGU's Sustainability page

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