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Getting To Checkout Faster: Blueland’s Secret To Success

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Blueland: The Clean Up Kit

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Blueland, a sustainable DTC ecommerce cleaning company, creates a seamless shopping experience through their mini cart. Knowing cart abandonment can impact a company’s conversions, Blueland designed a robust cart that does more than just show a customer their products

Blueland shows their customers how many dollars they are away from free shipping through a dynamic bar at the top of the cart that automatically fills up when more products are added. They congratulate customers when they get to free shipping through ✨celebratory emojis✨ that appear next to the confirmation message.

Blueland's mini cart experience.

Blueland suggests relevant products as an upsell to increase the customers average order value (AOV). Blueland only shows one product at a time at a time but give customers the option to scroll through a few to find the right one.

To keep the checkout top of mind, the ‘Checkout’ button stays sticky at the bottom of the cart, independent of how many items are in the cart. This is especially important on mobile because of the shorter viewport.

Blueland brings their sustainability mission full circle, encouraging customers to donate to Plastic Oceans, a global non-profit working to end plastic pollution and foster sustainable communities worldwide. This brand aligns with Blueland’s mission of making the earth a cleaner place by removing plastic.

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