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Girlfriend Collective Revolutionizes Sustainable Fashion with Upcycling and Resale Program

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Girlfriend Collective R&R Lounge Legging

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Girlfriend Collective, a sustainable legging company made from water bottles, added a new upcycling and resale program into their existing suite of sustainability initiatives, ‘Girlfriend to Girlfriend’. The resale program empowers their customers to participate in a circular economy, reducing waste and reinforcing the quality of their products. Girlfriend to Girlfriend not only provides a sustainable solution for their customers, it also fosters a sense of community and connection.

To announce the program, Girlfriend Collective sent exclusive access to their loyalty members via email. The email included information about the program, how it works, and details about how this connects to the loyalty program.

Program announcement email
Girlfriend to Girlfriend landing page

When the customer lands on the Girlfriend to Girlfriend landing page, they can learn how the program works, discover more information about selling or buying items , and understand about how this initiative reduces their overall fashion waste.

Girlfriend to Girlfriend's Buying and Selling landing pages

The Buying and Selling how it works landing pages, features a few how the resale program works steps and key FAQs. These pages also features the partnership with Treet, a third party manager of resale program. 

About and Treet Protection pages

Their dedicated about Treet page explains more about Treet and how they help Girlfriend Collective support their circular fashion principles, prolonging the lifespan of their products and reducing fashion waste. 

Girlfriend to Girlfriend selling flow

If a customers is ready to sell an item, they click on the 'sell button' which triggers a five step flow: Item, Details, Condition, Photos, and Price. On the item page, there is a helpful product finder search where customers can search all available and past products. Selecting the product then auto-populates the information for the customer in the next steps including product images, description, and price.

Girlfriend to Girlfriend Details page

On the Details page, customers select the dimensions and condition of the product, write a description, and upload photos. They can also include the original listing price and the price the seller will list the item at. In case the customer is not sure how much to list the item for, Girlfriend Collective suggests a price to the customer based on their selections.

When a customer's preloved clothing finds a new home, they have two options for compensation: store credit or cash back.

Girlfriend to Girlfriend resale product detail page

Once the product is uploaded a resale product detail page is included including the product details, seller's descriptions, photos (from both the seller and Girlfriend Collective), a size guide, and information about the seller. There is a short pop up survey about the resale experience that appears the first time the customer uploads a product.

In the customer's Girlfriend to Girlfriend Treet account dashboard they can review their purchases, sales, and listings. This is a separate experience from the Girlfriend Collective's main customer dashboard.

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Photo courtesy of Girlfriend Collective