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Give the Gift of Ruggable: Digital Gift Cards That Combine Convenience and Elegance

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Architectural Digest Nisa Ink Black Rug

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Ruggable makes gifting a machine-washable rug for the holidays easy with their digital Gift Cards

Knowing that selecting a rug is highly subjective, gifting a Ruggable digital gift card empowers the recipient to choose their ideal rug. On their Gift Card product page, users can easily select the denomination that fits their budget from increments of $25 up to $1,000.

Ruggable's Gift Card UX

For the ultimate personalization, they give the user the option to select different gift card graphics. During the holidays, special designs are released to align with the holiday season's colors and patterns. Ruggable also offers two ways to give: "Send as a Gift" or "Buy for Myself".

Ruggable's Gift Message applied to their Gift Card

To add an extra level of personalization, the user can type in a message that will be delivered through email when the gift card is sent to the recipient.

To make gifting even more convenient, Ruggable allows the customer to select when the gift card will be delivered if they want to schedule it in the future. Customers can also share the gift card via link or print if they do not prefer email as the delivery option of the gift card.

Ruggable's E-Gift Card delivered via email

Once the gift card is scheduled and/or, the digital gift card is delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. When they open the gift card, there is a gift card code next to a ‘copy’ icon that makes it easy to add the code to the site when shopping for their rug.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Ruggable