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Grow Your Knowledge of Houseplants With Emails from The Sill

What We Bought

Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Grow Pot)

Date Purchased:
April 1, 2023
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The Sill is a company that offers houseplants and a variety of resources for everyone, from beginners to long-time plant owners. Their mission to make purchasing and caring for houseplants accessible extends to their email marketing, where they facilitate easy shopping, exploration, and education on all things houseplants.

Welcome email with brand story from Eliza Blank, founder of The Sill

One of the first emails customers receive upon signing up for The Sill’s newsletter gives insight into why founder, Eliza Blank, started the brand. The email is formatted as a letter from Eliza, who writes about the brand story in a friendly, conversational tone that welcomes the customer into the world of The Sill. The email also informs the customer that The Sill has several brick-and-mortar store locations around the US.

Orchid plant feature email

The Sill encourages brand exploration and product discovery by sending emails that feature specific plants. This email highlights orchids and starts with a large image to celebrate the plant, followed by a short story and tips on how an orchid can fit into the customer’s lifestyle. 

In some emails, they highlight online or in-person workshops to learn more. If the customer wants to explore more, they can discover new arrivals at the end of the email.

Educational email that introduces customers to plant care

Along with sending emails that promote sales, The Sill educates customers on how to care for their plants. Their email about Plant Care uses illustrations to show how they measure lighting levels, a key criteria when considering what houseplant to purchase. The email provides guides and articles so customers can further understand the best options for their lifestyle. For customers new to caring for plants, the email directs them to plants for beginners.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of The Sill