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Harvesting High Converting Emails with Graza Olive Oil

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Graza Drizzle & Sizzle

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Graza makes real extra virgin oil from olives that are harvested early (fall or winter) and pressed immediately after so the oil stays fresh. They bring their memorable, larger-than-life branding into in their email marketing through their welcome flow, post-purchase series, and marketing emails.

Graza’s welcome email

On their first welcome email, Graza offers customers free shipping for signing up with the code FIRSTSQUEEZE. While their email looks like it has all custom fonts and graphics, they strategically make the discount code be easily copied through live text.

Graza welcomes customers to their email with their biggest value prop, ‘squeezed, not saved’ which keeps their olive oil always fresh and never blended. They use this email to introduce their two products and offer inspiration through UGC. 

Graza’s letter from the founder email.

Graza’s second welcome series email is a letter from the founders including why they started the company and the problem they were looking to solve. This straight-forward email reinforce’s the founder’s commitment to their mission and hyperlinks their bundle to encourage customers to start shopping.

Once a customer places an order, Graza encourages them to write a review with an email titled ‘Do You Love It’. The email is customized for the customer using their name and the product they purchased.

Graza’s refill email

After a month of owning the product, the brand sends a reminder to purchase a refill so that customers never go without Graza olive oil in their pantry again.

Graza’s inspirational how-to UGC email

Knowing that olive oil has many uses, Graza celebrates this through a ‘Why not’ UGC email. In this email, they highlight customers using the products through images drinking directly out of the bottle, cooking, and even using it in their hair.

Graza Refill Email

After a few months of using Graza, the company sends a refill email reminding customers to buy more. The email features a branded chart that guides customers to either a one-time and subscription purchase.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Graza.co