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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: Gifting Done Right With Milk Bar

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The Milk Bar Sampler

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Milk Bar, the iconic NYC based dessert company founded by renowned chef Christina Tosi, celebrates special moments with their customers through their online gifting.

Milk Bar's navigation and product listing page

Gifting is a main reason customers purchase from the company, therefore Milk Bar prioritizes ‘occasion’ as one of their core navigation items. Customers can also filter by occasion on the product listing page.

Milk Bar's PDP bundle page for The Milk Bar Sampler

Milk Bar additionally offers product bundles, so that customers can gift a variety of products in one shipment. Their product detail page breaks down what’s inside the bundle so customers know all of the delicious treats their giftees are about to receive. There are small descriptions of each product that appear on a slide out so that customers can learn more before purchasing.

Milk Bar's mini cart including a gift message

The on-site gifting isn’t limited to the giftee, once the customer hits a certain dollar threshold in their cart, they can also receive a free, reusable Gift Assorted Cookie Tin. 

Milk Bar's unboxing experience featuring a gift message and "how store" to card

To make for a more personalized gifting experience, Milk Bar allows customers to easily add a custom gift message directly in the cart. 

Custom collection landing page to celebrate Valentine's Day

To celebrate popular gifting holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Milk Bar creates custom landing pages such as their ‘Red Velvet Shop’ which features Valentine's Day themed treats. 

Corporate Gifts landing page

They also include a page in their footer for ‘Corporate Gifts’ which provides an easy way for someone to send a company a Milk Bar gift. The page features an order form, testimonials, and instructions on how the delivery process works.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of milkbar.com