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HexClad: Building a Culinary Community on Instagram

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12" HexClad Hybrid Pan

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HexClad is a hybrid cookware line that fuses together stainless steel and non-stick coatings in all of their pots and pans. The brand’s Instagram creates a sense of community among food enthusiasts by sharing visually captivating content, including recipes, giveaways, and surprise celebrity appearances. 

Images Courtesy of Gordongram and HexClad Instagram

Throughout their Instagram, you will find one of HexClad’s biggest fans – Chef Gordon Ramsay. In this post, Ramsay can be seen working “behind the scenes” in the HexClad offices cooking salmon in the break room. Using a celebrity chef like Chef Gordon Ramsay is effective in providing brand credibility— especially a celebrity who is known for having high standards in the kitchen. 

Images Courtesy of HexClad Instagram

HexClad partners with Hailey Bieber’s YouTube Channel in a series called  “What’s In My Kitchen” to showcase a few of their products in this short video on their Instagram page. In addition to Bieber, Kendall Jenner can be seen redeeming her cutting skills! Using relevant celebrity icons and content on social media can attract a new audience.  

Images Courtesy of HexClad Instagram Highlight

Using a dedicated highlight on Instagram makes it easy to browse through their events and see the products in action. HexClad hosts and attends several events throughout the year to promote their cookware. In the above image, a live demo event is highlighted where chefs cooked together using HexClad. These events are effective in bringing life to products and allowing customers to get a taste– pun intended. 

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Thumbnail Image Courtesy of HexClad Instagram