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How BAGGU Brings Quirky and Colorful Fun to Your Feed

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BAGGU Puffy Mini Tote

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BAGGU, an eco-friendly bag and accessory brand known for colorful patterns, brings their playful energy onto their social media channels. 

BAGGU demonstrates their products’ practicalness on the brand’s Tiktok, with short and quirky videos showing their products in use, whether it’s for a cat’s hiding place or for packing lunch on the beach.

BAGGU's Tiktok videos

Their Instagram features consumer-generated posts and stories that shows how customers style their BAGGU bags and how they can easily be a part of everyday life.

They also have a dedicated Instagram Story highlight to announce details of any new product releases and pattern designs. Included in their Reels are snippets of fun behind-the-scenes moments during product photoshoots.

BAGGU's UGC content Instagram posts

BAGGU uses Instagram posts to spotlight their collaboration with artists and brands such as Liz Hernandez and Sanrio to create new bag patterns. Their Instagram shop includes posts from their community for more relatable product imagery to attract potential customers. 

BAGGU's Instagram shop

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of BAGGU