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How Boy Smells Brings Their Scents to Life Online

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Boy Smells Amber Embers Bundle

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Boy Smells, a cult-favorite fragrance and candle company based in LA, brings their products and website experience to life with eye-catching images, engaging videos, and enticing animations.

The company's homepage immediately captures the attention of customers by leading with a promotional product video and surfacing their latest news and new product lines.

Boy Smells is known for curating featured bundles around similar scent profiles. This is great for customers who are drawn to one specific scent profile because they can enjoy multiple candles in the same category. Their wishlist makes saving products easy and encourages users to come back to buy.

Boy Smells' wishlist feature
Boy Smells category/bundle page

Boy Smells provides detailed scent profiles on each product page and have a page dedicated specifically to candle care to educate their customers throughout the site. As a luxury brand, they reinforce the product quality so that customers know what makes their candles so premium.

Boy Smells candle care

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