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How Brandless Bundles Their Greatest Hit Products

What We Bought

Brandless Greatest Hits Bundle - Remixed

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Brandless is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) collection of “better-for-you” wellness products sold at approachable prices – presented as a “brandless” private label brand with distinctive, colorful packaging. Brandless delivers a clear introduction to what they're all about with every product.

Brandless bundles collection

Brandless prominently features almost 50 bundle options on their site, mostly curated with products that fit a specific usage occasion. The Greatest Hits Bundle – Remixed stood out as an opportunity to try some of Brandless’ most popular and highly reviewed products. The product detail page featured social proof from satisfied customers, some of whom highlighted the great value, while others had purchased it twice!

Greatest Hits bundle reviews

The bundle arrived in a neatly packaged box, including a variety of 16 products. Product categories included kitchen, bath & body, skincare, supplements & home/cleaning. Most products were ready-to-use out of the box, while products like the Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaners needed water added to activate them. The products all came packaged in a variety of distinct colors.

The final unboxing

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Brandless Instagram