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How Brightland’s Packaging Dazzles Customers

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Brightland The Mini Essentials

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Brightland, a direct-to-consumer specialty olive oil and balsamic vinegar company launched in 2021, brings their delicious flavors to life on their packaging. All of their preservative-free products are grown right in California and their flavor infusions exemplify how fresh their ingredients are.

Brightland Mini Gift Set Unboxing Experience

Brightland leverages a colorful, illustrated botanical box to bring the brand to life and highlight the products nested within the packaging. The yellow background of the box references where their ingredients are sourced from, California which is also known as the “Golden State.” The botanicals on the box immediately showcase some of the locally sourced ingredients that Brightland is known for. 

Image courtesy of Brightland.com

The inside of the box features the company's mission statement and there are other small, thoughtful moments of branding such as their tagline being included where the products are encased. On the inner flap of the packaging, there is a QR code that takes customers to the website so they can discover recipes to use their Olive Oil and Balsamic in.

Brightland’s box and Mini Gift Set

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Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of Brightland.com