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How Day Owl Fosters Community With Their Customers

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Day Owl Misfits Bag

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Day Owl, a sustainable bag brand, uses their emails to connect with their community. Aside from product promotions, the company uses their conversational emails to check in with their customers and highlight Day Owl community members. 

An example of a newsletter from Day Owl.

At Day Owl, the customer is the hero. They utilize their community update emails to show customers how they’ve contributed to giving back to the community. Their copy reads like a personal note, allowing them to see their impact and value to the company. 

A Day Owl email showcasing the designers behind some of their bags.

Their community doesn’t just include their customers — they use emails to highlight the artists behind their products. Their transparent, positive tone allows customers to feel like they are along for the ride with Day Owl. Plus, meeting the face behind your favorite product just makes it that much better. 

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