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How Day Owl Highlights Their Sustainable Products Without Greenwashing

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Day Owl Misfits Bag

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Day Owl, a bag company, brings their sustainable practices to life on Instagram. Dedicated to building the first circular bag company, their posts let customers in on how their products are made. 

Day Owl's Instagram posts highlighting their sustainable production practices.

Day Owl makes education simple, through engaging images that visually show the customer the facts they need to know. From stuffing their bags with the plastic bottles they used to make them, to walking customers through their manufacturing process, the company proves their commitment to sustainability with every post. 

More education about Day Owl's sustainability.

The company makes education approachable. Rather than just using words like “recycled” and “zero waste” on their page, they take the time to explain what each word means in the context of their company. Their easy-to-understand language clears up any potential confusion for anyone from a sustainability novice, to a fellow expert.

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