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How Elisa Johnson's Eyewear Brand Drives Demand through Instagram

What We Bought

Elisa Johnson Sunglasses, Jane in Gloss Black

Date Purchased:
March 13th, 2024
Coupons Used:
10% Mobile Discount


  • Keep re-stock announcements top of mind for followers through social posts to create demand and increase buying potential.
  • Utilize Instagram to showcase reviews from real customers to create knowledge and excitement for the product. 
  • Inspire and educate your followers by regularly highlighting how your community styles and wears the product.   

Influencer-turned-fashion designer Elisa Johnson created her sunglasses brand of the same name to offer her followers sophisticated eyewear at approachable price points. 

With Elisa Johnson’s growing number of followers, the brand smartly uses Instagram to let its products shine. The limited but highly sought-after eyewear collections remain in constant demand, so the company keeps their followers informed and ready to buy through product restock alerts, customer reviews, and an abundance of style inspiration. 

Instagram posts announcing restocked items and pre-order availability

By announcing restocks through Instagram posts, the brand creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity among its followers. The limited availability of certain styles encourages customers to act quickly to secure their desired pair of sunglasses.

Instagram Shop featuring customer reviews by product

The brand utilizes its Instagram shop to share customer testimonials and feedback effectively building trust and credibility with its audience. Potential buyers are more likely to make a purchase when they see positive reviews from others who have already tried and loved the product. Followers can see product posts categorized by the product title, from the brand and tagged by other customers.  

Reels and posts featuring influencers and customers wearing the products

Another key aspect of Elisa Johnson's Instagram strategy is a strong focus on style inspiration to showcase its product versatility. Customers can shop directly within Instagram and see the products featured in user-tagged images and videos. Through carefully curated reel content and tagged posts from both influencers and everyday customers, the brand demonstrates how its sunglasses can complement a wide range of looks and lifestyles. 

Emphasizing the founder’s own strong sense of style, the brand highlights the adaptability of its products and encourages followers to experiment with different looks and find the right pair for them. 

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Photo courtesy of Elisa Johnson