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How Frankie Collective Threads Sustainability Throughout Their Website

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Frankie Collective Rework Buffalo Bills NFL Corset

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Frankie Collective is an apparel brand that revolves entirely around sustainability, reworking vintage garments into trendy streetwear pieces.

Frankie Collective's Sustainability Menu

Their website includes a Sustainability dropdown that surfaces their Mission, Sustainable Practices, Impact on Fashion, Design Process, and Social Impact, to be fully transparent on each step of their production process.

Frankie Collective's Sustainable Practices

Their Sustainable Practices page outlines how they continue to be eco-conscious in each step of production, such as recycling fabric waste and partnering with Beam to direct 1% of all sales to funding nonprofits that support women empowerment, racial equity, and sustainability.

Frankie Collective's Impact page & Sustainability blog category

On Frankie Collective’s Our Impact on Fashion page, they educate users on microfiber pollution in the ocean that comes from unsustainable washing practices. There’s also a Sustainability category on their blog page that includes guides and publicity on best environmental practices and initiatives.

Frankie Collective's compostable packaing

Frankie Collective’s packaging is made from plant-based materials and is 100% compostable. The packaging explains how it will naturally decompose over 90 days once it’s been planted in soil.

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