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How Italic Creates Trust with Their Customers by Being Transparent about Who Makes Their Products

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Blackstone Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Italic, a fashion and home goods company, leverages its direct relationships with high-quality manufacturers to give consumers access to products made by the exact same manufacturers as well-regarded name brands. Their About page reinforces this mission: "people are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled when they can afford to live well.”

On product cards and product detail pages, Italic highlights well-known brands’ manufacturers with tags, such as Zwilling, Prada, and Burberry, to drive consumer confidence that the products they sell are of the utmost quality.

Italic's product listing pages highlight well-known manufacturer brands' manufacturers
Italic's product detail page highlights high-end manufacturers

On product detail pages, users are able to easily compare the features of Italic’s offering with other comparable high-quality products often from the same manufacturer as the product Italic is offering.

The comparison table on Italic's product detail page

On Italic’s product detail pages where a manufacturing comparison isn’t shown, they provide a graph that shows how Italic’s “manufacturer to consumer” relationships save customers money.

Tooltip takeover on Italic's product page showing how buying direct saves customers money

As users scroll, they’re provided storytelling sections that highlight the product’s key value propositions.

Storytelling section on product detail page that highlights product's key value propositions

In the reviews section on product detail pages, there is a section that displays users’ opinions about the price and quality of the product. When submitting a product review, users are asked whether they hate, like, or love the price and quality of the item.

Review experience in account section after purchase & reviews section displaying quality & price callouts on product detail page

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