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How Lovevery’s Educational Content Gives Confidence To New Parents

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The Inspector Play Kit (7-8 months)

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$20 off onboarding discount

For parents who might be wondering how to keep their curious kids occupied - as well as developmentally stimulated - Lovevery’s onboarding emails include facts about their science-backed products, tips, and fun suggestions. Lovevery’s aim is to give parents trust in their play kits, which are specially designed and crafted by child development experts for each phase of a child’s early life.

Onboarding emails give facts on development and product tips and insights.

Lovevery uses an educational approach to their emails with insights about developmental stages that help instill trust in their brand as a main source of information. For parents navigating the complicated role of raising children, they do a great job providing science-backed facts that provide parents with the guidance they need in order to give children activities their brains crave.

Customers understand the brand's value by the end of the welcome series, which is accompanied by a discount code.

After a series of educational content, the onboarding sequence finishes with a $20 off discount to use when signing up for a Play Kit subscription.

Blog posts are sent to subscribers and offer content tailored to the age of your child (entered upon subscribing)

Subscribers also receive blog posts in emails that offer information specific to a child’s stage of development as well as creative ideas for setting up stimulating kids activities using items around the home.

Becoming a new parent is difficult, but this email marketing approach provides plenty of evidence-based information that leaves parents with knowledge and confidence that their child will develop their minds well with Lovevery.

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