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How Nugget Revolutionizes Playtime Through Their Social

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The Nugget Couch - Atlantis

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Nugget created a durable, and versatile couch that encourages never-ending fun through open-ended-play furniture. The playful spirit of Nugget lives on through their social media presence with spotlights such as “The Magic Clue Hunt”, maintenance tips, and hundreds of different ways to style the Nugget for hours of open-ended play time. 

Nugget turns a seemingly normal social post into an interactive game with the “Magic Clue Hunt”, where each new color drop is a mystery for viewers to solve through a series of posts filled with hidden clues. 

Image Courtesy of Nugget

Each Clue Hunt uses teasers through Instagram posts and stories that prompt users to take a guess on the next color drop. Nugget will strategically place clues in captions and images for a few days before announcing the new color to the public.

This social strategy encourages customers to interact heavily with the brand’s posts, which will increase engagement levels overall. 

Image Courtesy of Nugget

Nugget encourages customers to educate themselves on proper care and maintenance of their Nugget. They share helpful tips and tricks on Instagram through social posts and Instagram Highlights.

This example outlines to best remove crayon stains from the product. By posting tips and tricks, this content helps curious shoppers see how durable the product is vs crayons.

Image Courtesy of Nugget

Nugget drops different style guides every so often to encourage more play time for existing customers and inspire potential customers to purchase. 

Catering to the imagination of a 5 year old— Nugget can be transformed into a spaceship, airplane, boat, bakery, dollhouse, and so much more. By sharing different style guides, Nugget makes it easy for customers to see how else they can best use their purchase.

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Image Courtesy of Nugget