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How Olly Learns More About Their Customers Post-Purchase

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Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummies

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Olly takes pride in formulating vitamin gummies that support a diverse array of health benefits, including hair enhancement, stomach well-being, mood elevation, immunity, and more. They leverage their post-purchase customer experience to collect feedback through surveys.

Post-purchase survey

After checking out, Olly provides customers with a survey to gather valuable insights about their preferences and experiences on the site. This survey asks customers more about how they discovered Olly, what led them to the website, the time it took to complete a purchase, and the intended recipient of the purchase.

For customers who selected 'retail' as their discovery source, they are presented with three specific store options where they encountered Olly: Target, Walmart, or other (e.g., CVS).

The final question in this post-purchase survey asks the customer to identify any obstacles or challenges they encountered while navigating the website. This open-ended question allows customers to freely express any issues they may have faced during their online shopping experience.

Olly offers a second survey for customers who are still interested in sharing their perspectives. They first ask if the customers would recommend Olly to a friend. They then ask about which competitor the customer had considered before choosing to check out with Olly.

Olly's second post-purchase survey

Finally, Olly asks about any factors that may have initially deterred customers from buying and what ultimately influenced them to select Olly. These surveys serve as a valuable source of Zero Party Data, enabling Olly to tailor their website and email communications to better suit each customer's preferences and needs after the purchase.

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